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Evolutionary Shooting Intro

Shooting has evolved. Shooters have to recognize the complexity of shooting. It is not stagnant but, rather, dynamic.

Today’s shooters should be adept in three Key Categories and 3 subcategories of shooting (a total of 6 distinct shooting areas)

1.) Shooting off of the catch

a. stationary

b. on the move

2.) Shooting out of triple threat

a. over the top

b. To a spot

3.) Shooting off of the bounce

a. dribble pull-ups to a spot

b. over the top

Solid guards can do one of the six. Good guards can do two. Elite guards can do up to 4 with great proficiency. However, Ultimate Shooters are adept at all 6.

3 Developmental Phases of Shooting

Before we venture into the execution of the Key Categories of Shooting you must first recognize the 3 Developmental Phases of Shooting.

A. Conceptual Phase-What and Why

B. Foundational Phase-How

C. The Elite Phase-How, What, Why, When, and Where?